Westchester NY Personal Injury Attorney Profiles

Steven P. Grant

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Steven P. Grant, Esq. is a veteran Trial Lawyer with a career concentration in personal injury law. In August, 2007, Judge Grant joined with George N. Longworth, Esq. to form the firm of Grant and Longworth, LLP.

George N. Longworth

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George N. Longworth, co-founder of Grant & Longworth, has practiced law in Westchester County since 2002 with a specialty in personal injury and criminal law.

Jonathan Rice

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Jonathan Rice, Esq. is a Litigation Trial Lawyer in both New York State and Federal Courts, with a specialty in complex tort-catastrophic injury cases. These cases include medical malpractice, product liability, and construction accidents.

Sonia M. Tanksley

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Sonia M. Tanksley, Esq. is a lawyer with emphasis in Real Estate and Corporate Law and expertise in all aspects of Civil Law, including Dispute Resolution, Zoning, Motion Picture and Literary Law, and Trademark Law.