Have you been hurt in an automobile accident or harmed on someone else’s property? Have you injured on the job or as a result of product negligence? Are you the victim of Medical Malpractice? Are you a railroad employee injured in the performance of your duties? Has a family member died at the hands of another person or entity?

Call Grant & Longworth today.

We help people get justice, and the money they deserve, when they’ve been unfairly injured owing to the actions of others. Grant & Longworth’s lawyers are experts at all facets of Personal Injury Law, including Motor Vehicle accidents, Premises Accidents, Construction accidents, Product Liabilty Cases, Medical Malpractice, FELA Injuries and Wrongful Death. Our lawyers will win justice for you in Court.

Contact Grant and Longworth and find out what our attorneys can do for you. Call us FIRST, We will review your case for absolutely no obligation to you.

Premises Accidents

You may have been injured while on someone else’s property—through NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN, owing to the property owner’s . .


Product Liability

Have you, or a member of your family, been harmed by the negligence of a manufacturer? It may be a defective toy that should have been recalled, or . . .


The Federal Employers' Liability Act of 1908?

The Federal Employers' Liability Act of 1908, known as FELA, has existed for a century to protect victims of railroad accidents. FELA is a law that serves railroad. .


Automobile Accident

Grant & Longworth LLP partners are highly knowledgeable in the area of automobile and other vehicle accidents under New York Law.


Construction Injuries

In the New York area, Construction Accidents are a common occurrence: faulty scaffolding and a lack of adherence to code cause numerous serious . .


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs every day in our country, and in Westchester County, the firm of Grant & Longworth is expert at determining. . .


Wrongful Death

The most tragic occurrences facing citizens, and Lawyers and Courts, involve the Wrongful Death of a loved one. If you have lost a . . .


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It is easy to contact Grant and Longworth and find out what our attorneys can do for you. But call us FIRST so that we advise you of your rights and the law.

If you are in a situation involving an accident, or have injuries of any kind, call us right away. We don’t charge you for a consultation in reviewing your case. We are here to help you determine a sound course of action if you have been injured. We want you to understand all ramifications of the law, and of your case, and your rights. Grant and Longworth’s lawyers have won verdicts and settlements for people injured in auto accidents, or who have been injured on the premises of others (including public properties). We have won justice for people injured by construction site negligence, and by faulty consumer products. We have won cases for clients injured by the negligence of medical professionals and institutions. We have represented railroad employees injured by the negligence of their employers. Our lawyers are experts in the field of Wrongful Death.